#204: Power Play – Better

Heart and Ice Power Play - Better

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy with where you are, but that no matter where you’re at, you still have potential.  There is still life left to live.  There is something new to be learned and somewhere to grow.  It feels awesome to reach your goals, but life wouldn’t be very exciting if this was the best things could get.  Don’t settle or give up – just keep practicing.  You will find something that you want to improve upon, dig deeper, learn more.  Keep growing.  No matter how good you can get, you can always get better – and that’s the exciting part.

Game Plan: If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau on the ice, at work, or in life, here are some suggestions to help you move out of that feeling of stagnation:

  • Take a break. Sometimes you might feel burnt out or that you just need to rekindle the passion you have.  Taking a break can help you to approach something with a new perspective when you come back to it.
  • Change up your routine.
  • Set a short term goal, make a plan, and achieve it. It can help open you up to other ideas and possibilities.
  • Take a class or attend a seminar to learn something new.
  • Read a personal development book. It can give you some suggestions or an energy boost to move forward.  I also like reading biographies to get inspiration and see how other people have dealt with struggles in their own lives.


Quote source: Tiger Woods


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