#207: Power Play – Create Positivity

Heart and Ice Power Play - Create positivity

It’s true that you don’t have complete control over your own happiness, but you do have some control.  The way to increase your happiness isn’t a big secret… it all has to do with how you look at a situation.  Do you fully appreciate the good moments?  Do you have the perspective to see that the bad moments won’t last forever and there is still good to be found?  Being a positive and enthusiastic person when things aren’t working out or you’re under a lot of stress not only makes you feel better, but it also lifts up those around you.  You may not be the most positive and enthusiastic person every day, but the more that you try to see the good in a situation and appreciate the good moments when you have them, the easier it will become.

Game Plan:  When you’re feeling stressed out or let down, stop and ask yourself where you can still see good in the world.  Make this a practice, and it will be easier to look on the bright side and appreciate the good.


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