#211: Power Play – Be all there

Heart and Ice Power Play - Be all there

It can be a challenge to ‘live in the moment’ when you get caught up in worrying about something that happened in the past or what will happen in the future.  You may be here in body, but are you fully present in heart, mind, and soul?

One place that I am definitely ‘all there’ and living in the moment is at a hockey game.  I’m not worrying about the future or stressing out about something from the past.  The only thing on my mind is the game, the people I am experiencing it with, and the atmosphere of the arena encompassing all of the other fans I am cheering with (or against).

What are some things that give you that feeling of ‘flow’ where you are completely all there and in the moment?  I can’t go to a hockey game every day, but you can experience that feeling of being ‘all there’ wherever you are.  Whether you’re taking a walk, exercising, hanging out with your family, at work, on your commute, or making supper.  Being present can help you enjoy those special moments and bring peace and calm to a stressful day.  You can easily get overwhelmed because it seems like you have a million things to do, or you can focus on just one task and move on to the next one once you’re done.  Being all there allows you to focus on this moment, letting everything else fade away.

Game Plan:  Whatever you’re doing right now, focus on that one thing.  Be aware of any thoughts you’re having, what you’re feeling, what you’re hearing.  If you have a thought that drifts from your present task, gently bring your attention back to the moment.  Be grateful for the moment.  It takes practice, but over time it will become more natural and you will find yourself enjoying each moment for what it is.


Quote source: Jim Elliot


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