#212: Power Play – God is Good

Heart and Ice Power Play - God is good

“I used to think that life was like a series of hills and valleys.  I was either in a good time or a hard time.  But that’s wrong.  Life is actually more like a railroad track, where the good and bad co-exist side-by-side all the time.  In the midst of hard, painful and confusing things, good is still happening.  No matter what is going on, God is still in control.” – Cameron Strang (Relevant Magazine)


In the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, the Canucks battled back after trailing 3-1 behind the Rangers to win games 5 and 6 and force a game 7 at Madison Square Garden.  Canucks captain Trevor Linden played the last four games of the series with cracked ribs and torn rib cartilage, and he had to crawl to the bench in the last minute of game 6 after a hit from Mark Messier.  Unfortunately, we know how the story turns out.  The Canucks didn’t hoist the Stanley Cup, and even though they fought their way back to game 7 in 2011, they still haven’t been able to claim the highest honour in hockey.  There are much worse things that can happen in life, but for the people who sacrificed a lot and did everything they could to reach a goal only to fall one game short, it’s a pretty huge disappointment that shouldn’t be discounted.  Still, even in the difficult moments, whether through a painful loss or when things just aren’t working out the way that you would have liked, God is good.  He promises something better in the future.  He is there in the victories and the defeats.  In the light and the darkness.  All of the time.

Game Plan:  Remember that even in the difficult times, God is in control.  There is always good in the world, a light in the darkness.  When you’re feeling down or in a difficult situation, try to find two good things in your life or about the situation.  When you challenge yourself to see the positives, you will find more reasons to smile.



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