#217: Power Play – The highest compliment

Heart and Ice Power Play - The highest compliment

“You can’t control a lot of the things that happen around and to you.  So it’s imperative you control the things you can control.  Attitude and work ethic top the list.”  – Dan Bylsma

Work ethic and attitude are huge factors in success, in gaining the respect of and encouraging other people, and also feeling good about your effort.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  Even the best can become better.  People often say that Wayne Gretzky was born with a high hockey IQ, but he wasn’t naturally gifted with size and speed and will tell you that his strategic skills came through lots of practice and studying the game.  The Great One didn’t just appear from nowhere – he had to work to achieve that greatness.  Gretzky’s attitude that he couldn’t coast his way through hockey once he made it to the NHL or won his first Stanley Cup is part of what made him successful.  Putting in the work no matter what level you’re at says a lot about the person you want to be.  Character matters.

Game Plan:  Choose something you want to get better at, make a plan, and get started.


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