#218: Power Play – Be open

Heart and Ice Power Play - Be open

Setting goals is a good thing because it gives us purpose and pushes us to reach further.  It’s not about giving up on making a plan at all, but being able to adapt and giving our plans room to change.  You can set goals, but you can’t plan out every step of your life.  Changing your life isn’t about setting large, unattainable goals.  It’s about making small changes over time.  Life often takes some bounces and doesn’t happen the way we think it will, but still, everything will work out in the end.  There will be disappointments, but you will also have opportunities and experiences that you would have never expected.  We have a God who loves us and has a place for us in his grand plan.  Trust in him and be open to where life leads you.

Game Plan:  Instead of trying to make a grand plan, focus on habits.  What habits can you work on to bring you closer to the life you want and things you want to achieve?  Getting up earlier?  Setting aside time each day to work on a project or practice a skill?  Cooking healthier meals?  Practicing generosity?  Focusing on habits and letting yourself be open will give you a life that you couldn’t have planned for.


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