#220: Power Play – Practice

Heart and Ice Power Play - Practice

You can spend so many hours at practice, but that doesn’t mean that you will improve if you aren’t working efficiently and don’t have the right mindset.  You can spend days studying for an exam, but that doesn’t mean that you really know the material.  It’s the same with whatever you do in life.  It’s about what you do with your time.

There’s a difference between hard work and keeping busy.  Hard work is about deliberate, focused time, whereas busyness may make you feel like you’re working hard, but only leads to exhaustion.  In the world today we seem to value always being busy doing something, but being busy doesn’t make us more productive.  In fact, studies show that people who get more sleep, slow down, and take time to relax every day are more productive, less stressed, and happier in general.  You can either rush around trying to complete as many tasks as you can without coming up for air, or you can prioritize the most important tasks and feel good about using the rest of your time to recharge.  It’s not the amount of time you spend, but what you put into it.


Game Plan:

  • Does it really need to get done? Focus your time and energy on the tasks that really matter.
  • Prioritize your to-do list. The most important tasks are usually the ones we dread the most, and putting them off leads to time and energy worrying about them.  Get them finished with first so that you are in a better state of mind for the rest of the day.
  • Give yourself a stopping point so that you can put down your work without feeling guilty.
  • Schedule unscheduled free time. Make sure you allow yourself time to rest and do what you enjoy.

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