#224: Power Play – Your chance will come

Heart and Ice Power Play - Your chance will come

Jay Bylsma always told his kids that in the midst of frustration, struggle, making the team but then being sat on the bench, “work hard, do your best, your chance will come.”  The best thing you can do is to keep working hard and doing your best so that you’re ready when you get your opportunity.  “Bide your time and be patient.  When you get a chance, and you will get a chance, be ready to make the most of it.”  Wally Pipp got the flu one day and Lou Gehrig stepped up to fill in for him.  It wasn’t that Gehrig suddenly got good, but that he got a chance.  Reach for your goals, but remember that there are some times when you have to be patient.  Just make sure that you’re preparing for when your opportunity comes.  Dan Bylsma was fired at the end of last season as the coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, but you can bet that he’s doing what he can to prepare for when his chance comes.  “I would like to coach in the NHL again,” Dan says, “but I’ll have to wait for an opportunity.”


Game Plan:  You may feel frustrated and maybe disheartened waiting for your opportunity, but being patient doesn’t have to mean sitting around and waiting for your time to come.  What can you do to put yourself in the best position to find opportunities, and be ready when you find one?


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