#227: Power Play – Pursue It!

Heart and Ice Power Play - Pursue it

Whatever it is, pursue it!  Pursue it confidently, fearlessly, wholeheartedly.  Empower yourself to go after your goals.  When that voice tells us we “can’t”, it usually means:

  1. I don’t want to
  2. I don’t know how to
  3. I don’t believe I can

Take “can’t” out of your vocabulary.  If you don’t want to, recognize that it is your choice.  If you don’t know how, you can choose to learn.  If you don’t believe you can, you can change your belief by getting up and trying.  Prove yourself wrong.  Pursue your goals, and don’t let “can’t” hold you back.

Game Plan:  Think of a time when you told yourself that you couldn’t do something… does it fit one of these explanations?  Try doing this in the future when you feel uncertain about something, and you might find that it helps you get to the root of that belief.


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