#228: Power Play – Your Own Way

Heart and Ice Power Play - Your own way

It’s important to define success in your own way, because only you know what will make you happy.  Different people can and should have different definitions of success, because we have different needs and values.  For one person it might be travelling the world for their business, and for another it may be raising their kids in the small community where they grew up.  It’s your level of satisfaction with your life that’s important, not whether you fit into the picture that others have painted as success.  Having a lot of money or a prestigious job doesn’t guarantee happiness – it’s about whether you enjoy what you are doing and appreciate what you have.

Game Plan:  If you’re finding that you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with where you are right now or the way that things are going, make a change so that you can live the life that will make you happy.  Just make sure that it’s what you want.


Quote source: Christopher Morley


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