#232: Power Play – Look to the future

Roberto Luongo

Your best days are not behind you.  Cherish your memories and let them motivate your dreams, but not overpower them.  Especially if you struggle with depression, it can be hard to imagine anything better in the future, or even think about the future at all.  There’s a thought from Jamie Tworkowski that has stayed in my mind: And so we hope to be surprised.  Many of the wonderful memories we’ve had are things that we couldn’t have imagined.  Take a moment and think about some of those really happy memories… how many of them could you have predicted beforehand?  Perhaps having hope means hoping to be surprised.  You couldn’t have planned some of your greatest memories, so doesn’t that mean that there are surprises ahead that we can’t predict right now?  And so we hope to be surprised.

Game Plan:  Remind yourself as many times as you need to: your best days are not behind you.  Sometimes that is really hard to see, but it’s about hope.  Treasure your memories, but don’t let them overshadow your future.


Quote source: Doug Ivester


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