#237: Power Play – Change

Heart and Ice Power Play - Change

When Dave (Tiger) Williams was traded from Toronto to Vancouver, he was hurt and angry because he loved playing in Toronto and couldn’t imagine himself playing for another team.  He had never been traded before and it was a completely new experience for him, just as change can be a scary thing for any of us.

Though he was unsure and resentful at first, Tiger found a new home in Vancouver and in his first full season, scored a career-high 35 goals and led the NHL with 343 penalty minutes.  Reflecting back on his career Tiger said, “Believe it or not, the good thing about being traded is that it’s nothing but a plus in your life.  I wish I’d gotten traded 10 times, not five.  Everywhere you go, there’s a whole new experience.  If you stay in the same city your entire career, you only have one dimension on how this game really works.”  There were things that he had to adjust to in Vancouver, but when he gave it a chance, he found that change could be a really great thing for him as well.  It can be hard to see the positives when we go through a big change in our lives, but that’s what the adventure is all about.

Game Plan:  When you do go through periods of intense change, remember that not everything in your life is changing.  Change even when you’re content with where you are can still lead you somewhere better.  It’s what makes life interesting!


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