#238: Power Play – Risk something

Heart and Ice Power Play - Risk something

You’ve got to get out to the end of the limb.  That’s where you’ll find the best fruit…  Every once in awhile you fall off, but pick yourself up and get back at it.  – Tiger Williams

We all face difficulties and fall down sometimes – we can’t get around it.  But the best rewards come from taking those risks even though we might fall.  It’s how you look at it – is it more important to live on the safe side and avoid putting yourself out there, or to take risks now and again to experience life?  Even if you didn’t get the result you wanted, you can feel good knowing that you risked something and gave it your full effort.

The guy up in the stands, the guy that drove through a snow storm to get there, all he wants out of you is effort.  He doesn’t want you to perform a miracle.  He just wants you to give it all you’ve got.  I wanted to represent that guy.  – Tiger Williams

Game Plan:  Face your defeats with courage.  We all fall down and embarrass ourselves sometimes, but you should never be ashamed of the fact that you’ve risked something.  Give it your full effort.  Dare greatly.


Quote source: Canucks at Forty


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