#240: Power Play – Stay Calm

We all need a reminder of this sometimes.  In the moment it’s hard to see, but whatever happens, whatever you choose, however things turn out, it’s going to be all right.

Clint Malarchuk talks about working with NHL goalies in his book, The Crazy Game.  In the stress of the season, a few mistakes turns into a bad game, and a bad game feels like the end of the world.  When the heat has cooled down and they have time to reflect during the off-season, many realize that overall, it was actually a pretty good season (or at least not as bad as they had thought at the time), and they learned something from it or that the experience will help them in the future.  It’s like that with all of us – something may seem like the end of the world at the time (failing a class, losing a job… the decisions we have to make seem monumental), but it will work out, and worrying won’t help you move forward

Anxiety blocks creativity.  You might be feeling frustrated with where you are, and feeling anxious about the future only makes it harder to get a clear head and sort everything out.  A couple of years ago when I was graduating from university, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated, and I felt like I was approaching a big cliff – I had absolutely no idea what was on the other side… or even if there was another side.  I was so anxious about having to make a ‘quick decision’ about the rest of my life that I would have panic attacks and couldn’t focus because I felt like time was running out.  Looking back now, that is the worst environment for making a decision.  I felt frozen in fear, and I was so confused about who I even was – I felt so lost and alone.  For someone who likes making plans, it was a really hard time for me.  I still don’t know ‘what I want to do when I grow up’ and the job I have now isn’t going to be forever, but spending some time exploring things that I enjoy and letting myself relax without the pressure of making a quick decision has been good for me.  I still get anxious sometimes (which is why this is such a good reminder), but I know that trying to make decisions or perform when you’re anxious like that is nearly impossible.  There is no room for new and different thoughts.

Game Plan:  Stay calm, because everything is going to be all right.  It’s not the end of the world, and you can get through it.  You might not believe in yourself right now, but God believes in you.


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