#243: Power Play – Stay Grateful

Heart and Ice Power Play - Stay grateful

What does it mean to ‘stay strong’ when you’re facing an uphill battle or in the middle of some dark days?  Does it mean that you can’t cry or spend a day under the covers?  That you can’t ‘fall apart’?  Sometimes when people tell you to stay strong, it feels like a burden or something that is impossible to achieve.  It reminds me of a tweet that Michael Landsberg wrote about his feelings on depression:


When you are in that place, it’s hard to feel like you have any strength left in you.  Sometimes it takes so much just to get out of bed, to participate in a regular day.  Going through tough times does take a lot of strength, but the key to getting through is to stay grateful.  It’s what keeps you moving, to find something (anything) to be grateful for.  When you can find something to be grateful for, it can give you hope.

Game Plan:  Acknowledge what you’re feeling – the stress, the sadness, the loneliness – but try to focus on what you do have.  Someone who loves you and helps you off the floor, your health, even the fact that the sun is out today – even the little things can help lift you up.


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