#257: Power Play – Life

Heart and Ice Power Play - Life

Do you want to feel less stressed?  Evaluate your life and see if there is anything you can cut back on, or give yourself some time to refresh.  Do you want to expand your knowledge about the world?  You could read more, make it a habit to listen to public radio when you wake up, check the news each day.  Do you want to make a positive impact on other people’s lives?  You don’t have to have a lot of money to volunteer your time and use your own skills to help others.

We have to actively participate in life to get the most out of it.  Taking a risk and getting involved in new opportunities may open you up to new interests and experiencing more of life.  When you try new things there is always the chance that you might look silly, but isn’t that better than sitting on the bench?  You have control over what you choose to do with your life.  As children we were probably a lot more likely to take risks, and we often lose some of that courage as we get older.  You probably fell down more than once the first time you learned to ride a bike or when you were learning to walk, but did that stop you?  Getting involved in things outside of your comfort zone can give you the greatest joy and happiness in life.  It’s never too late to get in the game.

Game Plan:  What is it that you want to do, and what can you do to make it happen?  You can’t score if you’re not in the game.


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