#251: Power Play – Don’t postpone happiness

Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life.  Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting and make the most of the moment you’re in now.

How often do you think, just wait until this happens… then I will be happy.  You might do it for smaller things like waiting out the work week, or for bigger things, like thinking that once you are married, then you will finally have “bulletproof satisfaction”.  I’m talking about something different than just looking forward to the future – we look forward to the weekend, and dream about finding someone we love who loves us back – this is about thinking that we won’t be truly happy until we get there.

From 10% Happier (seriously, if you haven’t read it yet…):

This is the lie we tell ourselves our whole lives: as soon as we get married, get a promotion, get to the airport check-in, get through security and consume a bouquet of Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar Stix, we’ll feel really good.  But as soon as we find ourselves in the airport gate area, having ingested 470 calories’ worth of sugar and fat before dinner, we don’t bother to examine the lie that fuels our lives.  We tell ourselves we’ll sleep it off, take a run, eat a healthy breakfast, and then, finally, everything will be complete.  We live so much of our lives pushed forward by these “if only” thoughts, and yet the itch remains.  The pursuit of happiness becomes the source of our unhappiness.

We’re holding off to find satisfaction in the future when the truth is that we can find it right now, wherever we are.  Whether it’s cinnamon stix or finding your dream job, it won’t solve all of your problems.  Happiness is about finding contentment even when life isn’t perfect, because it never will be.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make our own.

Game Plan:  Stop waiting to be happy.  We always think that something more or different will make us happy, but the truth is that happiness is within us.  It’s about feeling blessed with what you have and where you are.


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