#254: Power Play – You’re doing fine

Heart and Ice Power Play - You're doing fine

Having gratitude and playing an active role in your happiness and well-being is a good thing, but what if some days you just don’t feel like it?  There’s no right or wrong way to feel, and sometimes we can be too harsh on ourselves because we’re not feeling the way we want to or think we should be.

Nobody is going to feel like “being positive” and feeling grateful all of the time.  It can be helpful at times, but it’s not something you should worry about.  Sometimes the best and most healing thing you can do is just notice how you’re feeling and accept it.  Accept that you feel the way that you do.  You won’t feel that way forever, but it’s how you feel right now.  You’re doing fine.  It doesn’t mean that you should mask your emotions, but that with whatever emotions you are feeling, you can accept and love yourself.

Some days we are just grateful the sun is out. Other days, we’re grateful to know the sun is still shining above the dark clouds.

Game Plan:  Don’t feel like you have to cover up your emotions and hide them away.  Instead of attaching a judgement to your feelings or your thoughts, just notice them and try to accept them.  The sun won’t be out every day, but we know that it’s there behind the clouds.  You’re doing fine.


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