#255: Power Play – Nobody’s a natural

Heart and Ice Power Play - Nobody's a natural

From an early age, we are pigeonholed into certain streams based on a lot of different factors.  You might struggle in gym class and think that means you’re not athletic, you might have a hard time understanding math and think you’re bad at it, or you might be told that you are a visual/auditory/tactile learner and think that’s the only way you can learn.  We develop a fixed mindset, and once we categorize ourselves (we think we know what we’re good at and what we’re bad at), it’s hard to break out of those molds.  The things you think you are bad at you may never touch again, but if you applied yourself and worked at it, you may find that you’re not actually bad at all.  It might take more work for you to ‘master’ a certain skill than it does for someone else, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you should give up if it’s something that you want to do.  The great thing is that when you put the time and work into something, you will see improvement.

Game Plan:  Rethink what other people have told you or those labels you have locked yourself into.  Part of what is holding you back might be seeing someone who is really good at what they do and being discouraged because you think that you just don’t have that natural ability.  Think again – take those labels off and redefine yourself.


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