#256: Power Play – God will not deny grace

Heart and Ice Power Play - God will not deny grace

Grace is something that we are given because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, not because of anything we can do ourselves.  God acknowledges our weakness – he knows that we can’t be perfect in our walk with Jesus because we will make mistakes.  Still, he does not deny us grace.  Like a parent who displays a child’s artwork on the fridge because they have given that art meaning, God gives meaning to our lives and our work.  We receive grace from God for doing our best, what lies within us.  He recognizes our work as having meaning even though after accepting and putting our trust in Him, there is nothing we can do to earn our salvation.  We will never be good enough to merit God’s grace, but he gives it to us anyway.

Game Plan:  Pray to God about any weaknesses and temptations in your life.  He doesn’t want us to hide from him, but to bring everything to him.  He welcomes us (as we are) with open arms and responds with grace and mercy.


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