#260: Power Play – Presence

Heart and Ice Power Play - Presence

You can probably relate to that feeling when someone is simply there for you when you need it.  They don’t have to say anything, they’re just there.  I think we sometimes forget that when we’re on the other side of things.  We worry about saying the right thing and look for ways to show our support.  More often than not, the best thing we can do is to just be there.  Your presence sends an impactful message: that you care, that you’re there to listen, that they can count on you, and they’re not alone.  It says everything.

If you can’t explain it or understand why, don’t try to.  Be there, be gentle, be vulnerable, be involved, and let God’s grace do the talking.  When someone was suffering, Jesus didn’t quote Bible verses, send balloons, or tell them to get over it.

He rolled up his sleeves and got involved.

            He listened.

            He suffered alongside us.

            He came near.

– Jefferson Bethke


Game Plan:  Don’t just hear, listen.  Don’t tell them what they’re doing wrong or how to fix it.  Don’t feel like you have to fill the silence or make everything better.  Just be there for them, tell them you love them, and that you’ll always be there.


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