#262: Power Play – Think about it

Heart and Ice Power Play - Think about it

If you’ve ever tried meditating, you’ve probably realized just how many thoughts are rushing through your head.  Meditation involves bringing your mind back to your breath, and new thoughts are popping up every second.  It’s not that the minute you sit down your mind wakes up – you’re always having that rushing internal dialogue, but you aren’t always consciously aware of it the way you are when you’re trying to quiet your mind.

Positive self-talk can help calm you down when you’re stressed, give you more confidence in yourself, and praise you for a job well done.  Unfortunately negative self-talk makes its way in (usually much more often), and when that voice in your head is constantly telling you that you’re ugly/stupid/worthless, etc…, you will start to believe it.  A good way to deal with that negative self-talk is to pay more attention to those messages you are sending and ask yourself how you would feel if someone was talking that way to someone you love.  Be kind to yourself.  Try to catch those negative thoughts and turn them around.  When you do find yourself feeling stressed out or having a bad day, look at what you’ve been saying to yourself.  Are you criticizing yourself, or are you encouraging yourself?

Game Plan:  I love motivational quotes, but writing positive notes to yourself can sometimes have a greater impact.  Put a note on your bathroom mirror or your fridge that says, “You can handle whatever challenges come your way today”, “You are beautiful” or “You are enough.”  Just make sure you believe it.  If you’re not able to say that  to yourself yet, praise yourself for a task that you completed or something good you did for someone else.


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