#271: Power Play – Bravery

Heart and Ice Power Play - Bravery

You can’t wait until you feel brave enough to make a decision.

You can’t wait until you have a perfect plan to make a decision.

You just have to make one.  – Jon Acuff


If you’re afraid of every decision being the right one, you’re likely to end up with indecision.  Analysis paralysis.  Fear prevents us from making a choice at all because we’re so concerned with it being the perfect decision, but the truth is that there is no perfect decision.  Bravery isn’t the absence of fear, but moving forward despite that fear.  At some point you have to stop overthinking it and choose which move to make.  We can’t always be completely confident and know where every decision will lead, because we don’t know what the future will hold.  But we can choose bravery, moving forward and making a choice despite that fear of whether it is the right one.

Be brave enough to admit you don’t know exactly where each decision will lead. Be brave enough to make a good decision today so you can learn from it and make a great decision tomorrow. Be brave enough to make a wrong decision. Be brave enough to apologize when you do.  – Jon Acuff

Game Plan:  Sometimes you have to let go of making the ‘perfect decision’ and just go ahead and make a decision.  There are of course some big decisions that require careful thought and deliberation, but we can also overcomplicate things.  In that situation, don’t worry about making the best decision, just make the one that feels right to you at the time.


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