#273: Power Play – Change the plan

Heart and Ice Power Play - Change the plan

I love that the Canucks strength coach Roger Takahashi has these daily quotes that he writes in the trainer’s room as food for thought.  The path to get somewhere isn’t usually straight.  Things can change, something might not work, and you may have to do some adjusting.  But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the goal just because ‘plan A’ isn’t working out.

Allowing yourself to be flexible lets you tweak or even completely overhaul the plan without losing sight of the goal.  It’s hard to grow if you can’t regularly evaluate your plan, revise it, and set new intentions.  Don’t let yourself become so rigid in the process that there is no room to adapt.  You might have to change the plan, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on the goal.

Game Plan: Embrace change and allow your plans to be flexible.  Businesses that want to stay on top have to be willing to change and look for innovative ways to appeal to their customers.  Every year 29 hockey teams don’t win the Stanley Cup, but that doesn’t mean they should stop trying – they just have to adapt and grow.  Don’t give up just because one plan isn’t working for you.


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