#274: Power Play – The Gorilla

Heart and Ice Power Play - The Gorilla

Another quote via Roger Takahashi, and I love this one for the awesome metaphor.  When you’re doing something really challenging, a HIIT workout, studying like crazy for a test, or even trying to get through a tough day, it can feel a bit like you’re wrestling a gorilla.  Sometimes the obstacle feels too big or you feel like you don’t have any strength left.  But you don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.

Game Plan: Even when you’re in the middle of wrestling that gorilla, it’s still important to give your mind a break after each round.  Move around (or rest your muscles if you already have been moving), meditate, or try a body scan.  You can either lay flat on your back, sit in a chair, or even stand, closing your eyes and bringing awareness to your breath.  Start by shifting awareness to the tips of the toes while still maintaining that deep breath and noticing any sensations in that part of your body.  Work your way up through the feet, ankles, shins, calves, and continue to your face and the top of your head.  Generally the practice should take 5-10 minutes and it is a great way to reduce stress and give some attention to your body!


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