#276: Power Play – It’s about effort

Heart and Ice Power Play - It's about effort

When you put in that effort, it will lead to progress.  It’s through effort that change happens, not consistent perfection.  In fact, perfection can actually make us a little lazy because we forget about the work we need to put in, and without putting in the work, we’re just sitting still.

I used to get frustrated when doing a fitness DVD if I couldn’t hold a certain pose or if I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing without stopping for breaks.  But then I realized that it’s much more satisfying to see progress than it is to see instant perfection.  If I have to stop or I’m not able to do that many push-ups in a row, I don’t get down on myself because I know that it’s not a failure, it’s room to improve.  Through consistent effort, I’ve been able to get through the whole workout without stopping and then move on and find more challenging workouts.  That wouldn’t have happened if I had given up because I decided that I just wasn’t athletic and it wasn’t meant for me.  This applies to more in life than just fitness – it’s not about perfect, it’s about effort.  Don’t get down on yourself if you’re not perfect or consistent every day.  With well-placed effort you’ll find improvement.

Game Plan: Move more.  Even if you fit in regular workouts, it’s still possible to live a sedentary lifestyle if you spend the rest of the day sitting at a desk or on your couch.  Try to sneak some movement into your day by getting up every 15 minutes or so and taking a little walk, doing some jumping jacks, squats, stretching, or any other way you can move your body.  Even if you can’t find the time some days to fit in some exercise, making the effort to move whenever you can will add up.


Quote source: Jillian Michaels


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