#282: Power Play – Take the next step

Heart and Ice Power Play - Take the next step

Sometimes people feel stuck because they are thinking of all of the steps it takes to get there.  If I could do a Jedi move over all those people, I would say, “Just do the next step.” – Bob Goff

What is the next step you need to take?  Remember, just one thing.  Don’t think of all of the things that you will have to do, just think of what you can do right now.  Those other steps are in the future, and right now you only need to be thinking of the present.  It’s good to think of the big picture and to plan, but it can be overwhelming if all you can see in the moment is the huge mountain of rocks you have to move.  Sometimes it can be unclear how you will move the rocks at the bottom until you begin moving them from the top.  The important thing is to just focus on taking the next step before worrying about what happens after that.

Game Plan:  Chances are that you have already taken some steps in starting your day by the time you’ve read this.  Maybe you’ve gotten up, exercised, showered, gotten dressed, or checked your e-mail.  Even if you haven’t done any of that yet and feel a little behind, you can always take the next step.  Some of those steps may feel small, but that’s how we go through life.  Taking it step by step, day by day.


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