#284: Power Play – Me Too

Heart and Ice Power Play - Me Too

It says that you are not alone.  Even if you may not understand their situation completely, it says that you have hurt too.  You’ve grieved too.  You’ve suffered, you’ve had your heart broken, you’ve felt alone.  Rob Bell wrote that the cross was God’s way of saying “me too.”  God understands our hurt and pain, because He has been through it too.  Shared experiences connect us to other people because we realize that we’re not abnormal and that it’s not a problem within us, that it’s something other people have experienced as well.  Some people may not understand, but you may be surprised that when sharing your experiences, someone else will say, “me too.”

Game Plan:  If you are hurting, don’t feel that you need to deal with it by yourself or that you are the problem.  Reach out and talk to someone that you trust, or even reach out in an online forum.  Sharing our stories is an important part of healing.


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