#287: Power Play – Live Your Faith

Heart and Ice Power Play - Live your faith

Live your faith. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t leave it at home or at church…bring it with you wherever you go. You’ll make a difference in people’s lives without even knowing it!  – Mark Van Guilder, Milwaukee Admirals

It’s not always easy to live your faith because it might go against the popular way of doing things, but if you are willing to stand apart, it will change your life.  Look back to yesterday’s quote – what are you willing to do to live your faith?  God has never expected you to be perfect, but that you wake up and try again each morning.  It’s not about imposing rules and trying to change people, it’s about loving them.  It’s about being non-judgemental and forgiving others when they have hurt you.  It’s about letting God work through you to let others feel how much they are loved.

Game Plan:  Pray often.  Help others.  Stand apart from the crowd when you know something’s not right.  Treat everyone with respect.  Love without judgement.  These are ways that you can live your faith and bring it everywhere you go.  When you live your life for Jesus, he will change other people through you.

IMG_3978 [edit]For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes… The righteous will live by faith.  (Romans 1:16)


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