#289: Power Play – God is light

Heart and Ice Power Play - God is light

When you are with God, there is no darkness, no hiding, no pretending.  When you are with God, you have the freedom and courage to be yourself.  – Paul Young


It’s natural to want to be loved and accepted, and sometimes the way we do that is by tweaking ourselves and conforming to what we think others want us to be.  But is that really the way to connect with someone?  The whole idea behind Donald Miller’s journey in Scary Close was this: In an age when we all act as our own publicity agents, would he be willing to impress fewer people to honestly connect with more?  When you do put on that mask, you may impress more people, but it’s hard to truly connect because you’re not sharing your true self and they only know the ‘polished’ version of you.

With God, you can’t hide anything.  He knows your faults, your shame, your deepest secrets, and yet he has never stopped loving you.  We can feel so close to God because he knows everything about us – he knows our hearts.  It’s true that not everyone will accept our true selves, but that’s okay because it means that we can really connect with more.

Game Plan:  What does it mean to be your true self?  Your persona will probably be different at work than it is when you’re hanging out with your friends, but you can still be true to yourself and embody what you believe in.  When you have the courage to be yourself, it encourages others to do the same.


Quote source: Paul Young, from Scary Close


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