#290: Power Play – Satisfaction but not happiness

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You cannot earn worth through what you do.  – David Burns, Feeling Good

Satisfaction is not the same as happiness.  If you’ve ever felt depressed or worthless even though on the outside it looks like you’re successful, even if there are people who love you, even if you’ve accomplished a big goal, you know that to be true.  Achievements, people, money, things… none of it can make you happy – happiness comes from within a place of self-esteem and self-love.

Many events in our lives can bring us a short-term type of happiness, but it’s not sustainable.  If you’re only satisfied for a short time after you achieve something, you’ll always be chasing the next goal without being happy with where you are now.  Happiness comes from having a positive outlook on all moments, not just waiting for the next happy moment to come.


Game Plan:  The Huffington Post published ‘A Simple Guide to Joy’ with some simple steps that you can take to feel better right now.  It’s worth trying to help you tap into that inner joy.

1. Take a deep breath.

In and out.  That’s all.

2. Have a glass of water.

Woohoo — You just did something super healthy!

3. Close your eyes.

Picture a butterfly, a kitten, a Superbowl touchdown or something that you enjoy. Smile. Go on, turn the corners of your mouth up just a bit.

4. Imagine…

…just for a second, that “what is right with me?” is a better question than “what is wrong with me?”

5. Skip up the hallway.

It is really hard to feel sad or grumpy while skipping.

6. Pretend…

…that you are really grateful for one thing that you already have in your life.

7. Put your hand on your heart.

Feel the warmth of your hand over your heart. The heart is a great place to go if your mind is giving you a hard time.

8. Give yourself credit.

I know you can list 23 things you have already done “wrong” today, from that pastry for breakfast to thinking mean thoughts about that dude on the bus — but can you give yourself credit for 23 good things? Because, in order for “bad” to exist, you have to understand “good.” And in order to understand “good,” you have to be good.

I bet you have done 23 good things today and completely ignored them: That glass of water you just had. That kind thought you had about your friend who messaged you on Facebook. The smile you gave the person who made your coffee this morning. They are all equally as important as the so-called “bad” things.

9. Think of something you’re looking forward to.

Reflect on something that is actually real, happening and preferably good for you such as seeing someone you like, falling into a soft bed or your next holiday. Just hold that in your mind for a moment.

10. Look at the sky.

It is such an amazing thing, whether it’s blue, gray or dark. That is infinity out there! Find something ordinary to be astonished by.

11. Think about what’s worrying you.

Money, fashion, your weight, your job. Now think way back in history — back before that concept even existed. We made that up. Not saying it doesn’t matter — but isn’t it totally weird and cool that we made it up?

12. Try a new thought.

Whether you are talking to God, the universe or just your subconscious, try asking, “please help tomorrow be one bit better.”


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