#291: Power Play – You are more

Heart and Ice Power Play - You are more

You are more than the job you do to make a living or the education you have or the grades you’re receiving.  How many times has the first thing you’re asked when you meet someone (or the first thing you ask someone else) been: “So, what do you do?” or, “What are you studying?”

I’ve always hated this question, yet it’s an easy one to ask because we think that it tells us a lot about a person.  But your job doesn’t define you – maybe it’s a passion you have, or maybe it’s something that you do to make a living while pursuing other passions.  Either way, you are more than what you do.

I read a tweet that said when you’re meeting someone for the first time, you should ask them what they LIKE to do rather than what they do for a living because that’s what gets people excited and sparks conversation.  It gets me much more excited to talk about hockey or the books that I like to read than what I do at work.  We are more than what we do.  Try to think about that the next time you meet someone and spark a conversation.

Game Plan:  Try to learn something new about the person you’re having a conversation with.  You could discuss favourite hobbies, birth place, siblings, favourite movie, where they would like to travel…  Find out what they really like to do.


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