#292: Power Play – It’s not all about winning

Nashville Predators v Vancouver Canucks

See difficulties as opportunities.  You always have the option to move forward, to grow, and to become a better human being.  Negative people teach you compassion and forgiveness.  Negative situations teach you patience and understanding.  Bless it all. 

– Tess Marshall


Failure stings, but it often precedes success.  The things that you learn and how you improve during a season in which you’ve failed can be the fuel for a season of success.  You can’t win every shift, every game, every season, and you might not be happy about it, but you can learn and improve from it.  When you get down on yourself and start labeling yourself as a failure, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy where you either quit or keep repeating the same mistakes.  But if you can find success in improving and in the process, you’re on your way.

Game Plan:  Instead of making a list of all of the things you did wrong when you’re struggling, ask yourself what you did well, how you have improved, and what you can improve upon.


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