#293: Power Play – Pride

Heart and Ice Power Play - Pride

When you have pride in yourself, it means that you feel satisfied with where you are in life and are happy with the choices that you’ve made.  It doesn’t mean that you haven’t made mistakes, but that you’ve tried your best.  You can feel pride by meeting other people’s expectations, but like self-esteem, it is most important that it comes from within.  The most you can ask of yourself is to be your best and to live according to the values that you believe in.  You can’t expect yourself to achieve perfection or always get it right, but you can take pride in knowing that you ran your own race and did the best that you could.

Game Plan:  We can be hesitant to praise ourselves, but there’s a difference between being proud of yourself and being arrogant.  Especially when your motivation is low, if you do something that you didn’t really feel like doing, try telling yourself, “I’m proud of you.  You didn’t feel like exercising/cleaning/going outside today, but you did it!”  It might sound silly, but I think that we need to do that for ourselves (and others) more often.  It’s not about setting low expectations, but recognizing that you did something for yourself even when you didn’t feel like it.  Try to limit those negative thoughts that say you should have done something more, and give yourself more credit for doing your best.


Quote source: Mark Messier


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