#301: Power Play – Don’t stay mad

Heart and Ice Power Play - Don't stay mad

Before he was paralyzed, David Willsie played hockey, basketball, and baseball, and one thing he learned from sports that helped him after the accident was that it’s okay to get mad, but not to stay mad.  It was difficult to accept that he couldn’t do many of the things that he previously could, but staying mad wouldn’t get him anywhere either.  In sports you can’t allow the opposition to rile you up and get you off your game.  In life, unending anger towards something or someone else will only hurt yourself.  Anger is a completely natural emotion, but you don’t have to let it control you and keep you from moving forward.

Game Plan:  Some anger is more deeply rooted and difficult to let go of because it has caused emotional wounds.  Life’s not fair, but you can ask yourself, “Do I want to remain angry or do I want peace of mind?”  If you do want to move past it, set an intention for change.


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