#303: Power Play – Rest

Heart and Ice Power Play - Rest

Something is wrong in our hearts if we see rest as an earned privilege instead of gift we’re given freely. The parameters for rest in the Bible are the same as the requirements for grace, it’s a gift. – Gabriella Llewellyn

There’s always something that needs to be done, but not leaving time for rest can contribute to exhaustion and burnout.  Do you ever decide to take a rest (maybe read a book, maybe go for a walk, or watch The Hunger Games) and have trouble relaxing because you’re thinking about all of the things that you should be doing instead?  That time for rest is something that should be built into your life, not something you do when your to-do list is complete… because it never will be.  Rest is about caring for yourself, taking it slow and trusting that God will provide.  Our society is all about go-go-go, and sometimes you might question if you deserve to take a rest – but you do!  Rest is a gift, not something that is earned.  It’s important to do things that “fill your bucket”, fun or restful things that give you peace and happiness.

I’m feeling like it’s ok to not have to achieve all the time.

It’s ok to take it slow and to not have to do everything.

God’s going to provide.

  – Claire Wyatt

Game Plan:  Take some time to rest from all of those things you have to do, from feeling the need to keep busy.  Fill your bucket!


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