#305: Power Play – Losing

Maple Leafs Islanders Hockey

It may seem counterintuitive, but losing is good for and precedes winning.  If we never lose, we never learn that we can come back from failure.  It teaches us persistence and helps us to get stronger, to grow a thicker skin.  If anything, failure is a motivator to get back up and try again, to work at it and get better.  We are so afraid of failing, of what people might think of us or how we can come back from it, but failure is not fatal.  Progress over time is more important than an individual win or loss, and a good loser knows that a lesson can always come out of a loss and lead to setting new goals.  You can’t win every game, but every loss can teach you something that you need to help you win.

Game Plan:  Be a good loser.  It’s okay to lose, it’s okay to fail – it’s all a part of life.  What’s important is that you lose respectfully, that you get back up and don’t count yourself out.  Everyone loses at times, and no failure is too big to overcome.


Quote source: Starvation Lake, Bryan Gruley


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