#306: Power Play – Let’s go on an adventure

Heart and Ice Power Play - Let's go on an adventure

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about adventures and travelling.  I’ve decided that I don’t have to wait until I have someone to go with, I can choose my own adventure.  Travelling with other people can be fun, but it can also be exciting to explore on your own.  You can do whatever you like, go on your own schedule, and just embrace the time that you have to yourself.  If you want to spend an hour sitting and reading in a park, eat whenever you want, or travel all the way across the city to check out a shop, no one’s stopping you!  It doesn’t even have to be a big trip – even a weekend getaway to a nearby city would be something to look forward to.  And if you need to save up some money for that, in the meantime you can plan mini trips within your own city.  Visiting a museum, exploring a part of the city that you’ve never been to, checking out some used book stores and spending the afternoon downtown, biking the trails… the point is that every adventure is worthwhile.  Even the smallest adventure gives you something to look forward to or memories you can look back on.  You don’t have to wait until you can go with other people or until you have enough money… choose your own adventure.

Game Plan:  Big or small, plan an adventure.  Every adventure is worthwhile.


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