#310: Power Play – Fear

Heart and Ice Power Play - Fear

We do not fear the unknown.  We fear what we think about the unknown.

Oftentimes all fear can be described as is False Evidence Appearing Real.  We’re afraid of the unknown because of the scenarios we’ve constructed around what could go wrong.  We’re afraid of failure because we don’t know how we will deal with it and come out the other side.  But what you’re afraid of is only a construct of your imagined reality.  It isn’t real.  Fear lives in the future.  On the flipside of fear is faith.  Faith is believing that everything will work out for God’s purpose, despite not knowing what will happen.  That no matter what we come up against, God will take care of us.

Game Plan:  When you feel that fear, ask yourself what it is that you’re afraid of.  Is it something real, or are you just afraid of possible scenarios that you have created in your mind?  Instead of thinking of everything that could go wrong, try thinking of everything that could go right.  Face those things that are scaring you and try to unmask them rather than letting them control your life.


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