#314: Power Play – Experience the Moment

Heart and Ice Power Play - Experience the moment

At a recent City and Colour concert Dallas Green told the crowd, “I want you guys to put your phones away for one song.  You’re trying so hard to remember the moment that you’re forgetting to experience it.”  I love this idea because I’m guilty of it myself and it’s something I have to be mindful of.  I love taking pictures and they’re a great keepsake to look back on, but what’s more important is to enjoy the moment that is happening in front of you.  You may not remember every specific detail, but you will remember how it felt.

Years ago I went with my dad to my first big concert/event experience, the Dancing With The Stars tour.  It was so exciting to see it live, to see these dancers that I’d seen on TV, to get to experience it in person with my dad, who watched the show with me at home.  I got out my camera and took tons of videos and pictures so that I would remember it forever.  But the problem, and I think my dad realized this as well because he took my camera and recorded so that I could watch, was that I was experiencing it all through the screen of my camera.  There were dances that I didn’t even get to see in person because I was watching through the lens.  I now try to keep that in mind whenever I’m taking pictures.  Pictures are so important to me, but I don’t want to miss out on the actual experience.  When I go to a hockey game, a concert, on a trip or a vacation, I’ll take a few pictures to look back on and trigger my memories, but then I put the camera away.  Because a picture without the memories to go along with it is just a postcard.


Game Plan:  Remember that sometimes it’s important to put away the camera and step out from behind the lens.  Take pictures to help you remember the moment, but don’t try so hard to remember the moment that you’re forgetting to experience it.


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