#318: Power Play – The biggest problem

Heart and Ice Power Play - The biggest problem

“To achieve anything you want in life you must first start by getting out of your own way.”  – Rafael Colon


Reading Robert Schuller’s book ‘Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do’ (recommended by Dan Bylsma in one of his books), I found three main things that he said helpful when it comes to the problems in our lives.

Every human being has problems.  It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed or employed, if you’re retired, if you’re rich or if you’re poor, if you are powerful and ‘successful’ or not.  You might think that things would be a lot easier if you were more financially stable or if you had more friends or a better job, but chances are that those things would create a host of new problems.

Every problem has a life span.  Your problem will not live forever.  No problem is permanent, and if you think about the problems that you’ve been through in your life, many of them have probably gone away at some point.  Life has its ups and downs, and no one is up all the time or down all the time.  You have held on and made it through problems before, and you can do it again.

Every problem holds positive possibilities.  Some problems can be difficult to deal with, but if you take a good look, there might be something good that can come out of it.  Dr. Schuller gives the example that if you are unemployed, it is important to actively spend time looking for a new job, but you could also make a list of all of the things that you can do in the meantime while you are out of work.  You could volunteer, work on a project at home, do some travelling, catch up on reading, pursue a hobby… there’s usually something positive that you can find out of any situation, but often we are focused on the negative.

We all deal with problems no matter who we are, and we’ve always made it through.  Thinking positively may not solve all of your problems, but it will probably make them easier to deal with and let you enjoy life whether you’re on a hill or in a valley.

Game Plan:  Try the A.C.T. method from Gary Mack in Mind Gym.  The A stands for accept your present state.  Understand your strengths and weaknesses and the position you are in right now.  C is create your desired state.  What is your dream?  Close your eyes and see yourself exactly the way you want to be.  Write down what this desired state would look like.  T stands for take action steps to get you there.  Success is a journey of one step at a time, and the longest journey begins with the first step.


Quote source: Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do, Robert Schuller


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