#319: Power Play – Faith Begins

Heart and Ice Power Play - Faith begins

Greatness does not depend on your position in life, but upon your respect of the positive ideas that flow into your imagination.  – Robert Schuller


How often do you get an idea but put it aside because you think it’s too big, or that you’re not the right person to get it done?  We often put down those positive ideas because we think they’re impossible or the negative aspects of them overshadow the positive, but no idea is completely perfect.  There will always be arguments we can make not to do something, but sometimes you have to hold onto the reasons for why it could work.  There’s probably a reason why you got the idea in the first place.

The positive ideas that flow into your brain come from God.  Don’t reject the ideas simply because of your awareness of your own imperfections.  Perfectionism keeps many people from ever embracing the kind of faith that could mature into a mountain-moving force.


Game Plan:  Don’t quit on those big ideas that come to you before you give them a chance.  We have a tendency to not do anything about most of the ideas that pass through our minds, but maybe we shouldn’t brush them aside so quickly.


Quote source: Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do, Robert Schuller


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