#323: Power Play – Open your mind

Heart and Ice Power Play - Open your mind

Your circumstances are changing, your perspective changes as experience new things, even the structure of your brain changes… so why isn’t it okay to change your mind?  Changing your mind is not a sign of weakness – it is part of an ongoing process as you re-evaluate what you believe and keep yourself open to different ideas.

We form values and beliefs that we stand behind, but it’s also important to be receptive to other viewpoints and give yourself permission to change your mind.  Make sure you don’t reject other possibilities because your mind is made up.

There was an article in The Vancouver Sun this week that talked about the controversy surrounding Alex Burrows.  Many Canucks fans love him because although we know that he can get under your skin, he’s also a hard-working player, “a buster of slumps and a slayer of dragons.”  The incidents that lead others to thinking that he is a “dirty, headhunting, moustache-twirling villain, who only leaves his secret volcano-island lair to bite fingers, pull hair, or, worse, embellish a penalty” are few and far between.

The article concludes by applying the same argument to some of the Canucks’ own villains: Duncan Keith and Brad Marchand.  We keep certain incidents at the ready in our memory to use against them: Duncan Keith’s headshot to Daniel Sedin and Brad Marchand repeatedly punching him when he didn’t fight back.  We have our own labels for these players, but the fans of their respective teams would say the same thing that we say about Burrows: he’s not that type of a player.  Duncan Keith rarely takes penalties despite averaging 25 minutes a night, and Marchand is a skilled player, often coming through in the clutch.

Those incidents still do get under my skin, but it made me think twice about the labels that I’ve hung over them.  I still don’t agree with that behaviour, but it’s not so black and white.  Everyone makes mistakes and uses poor judgement, but that’s not all that defines them.  We quickly develop opinions, but it’s also important to keep your mind open to change.  Be brave enough to change your mind sometimes and every so often re-evaluate what you believe.


Game Plan:  Never reject a possibility because your mind is made up.


Quote source: Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do, Robert Schuller


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