#329: Power Play – The power to choose

Heart and Ice Power Play - The power to choose

In sports, as in life, your future and success depend upon many things, but mostly they depend on you.  You have the responsibility to shape your life.  You are the person who pushes yourself forward or holds yourself back.  The power to succeed or fail is yours alone. – Gary Mack, Mind Gym


The power to choose is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us.  We have the power to choose how we want to spend our lives.  We have the power to choose what affects us and how we react.  We have the power to choose what kind of a person we want to be.

Choose to love … rather than hate.
Choose to laugh … rather than cry.
Choose to create … rather than destroy.
Choose to persevere … rather than quit.
Choose to praise … rather than gossip.
Choose to heal … rather than wound.
Choose to give … rather than steal.
Choose to act … rather than procrastinate.
Choose to grow … rather than rot.
Choose to pray … rather than curse.
Choose to live … rather than die.

           – Excerpt from The God Memorandum (The Greatest Miracle in the World, Og Mandino)


Sometimes we convince ourselves otherwise, that we are constrained by our circumstances, that we just aren’t good enough, or that someone else’s actions have control over our behaviour… but we always have the power to choose.  You can choose to forgive, to motivate rather than criticize, to choose your attitude.  Realizing this power can give you the freedom to take control of your life.


Game Plan:  Write ‘I can choose’ on a bracelet or your hand as a reminder until you don’t need it anymore.  Look down and remember the power that you have every time you face a negative circumstance, feel angry, or feel that negative voice taking over.  One of the greatest powers we have is the power to choose.


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