#334: Power Play – Focus on the process

Heart and Ice Power Play - Focus on the process

Give yourself permission to win, but then let go of the idea of winning and focus on execution and the process. – Gary Mack, Mind Gym

Knowing what you want and having a clear goal is never a bad thing, but it’s the process that’s important.  It’s a paradox of performance.  The more that you want to achieve a goal, the more expectations you place on yourself.  Feeling out of control when things don’t go according to plan, trying too hard, and the fear of failure can actually work in the opposite direction and hold you back.

Have you ever heard that opportunities appear where you least expect them?  That people find their significant other when they’ve let go of the need to find someone?  That creativity and great ideas come when you quiet your mind and stop thinking so hard?  When we let go of the need to get something, we open ourselves up to think in different ways, improve, and focus on what we can do right now in the present.

You can’t let outcome get in the way of process.  You can’t get ahead of yourself.  It can be a hard thing to do.  Put another way, you can’t hold the Cup over your head while you’re playing the game.  You need the stick in your hands until the final horn goes.  – Mike Babcock, Leave No Doubt

Game Plan:  Try putting aside the end point in your mind, and make a list of things you can do right now.  Life isn’t always about the goal, because there will always be new goals that you will be reaching for.  It’s really about what the Japanese call kaizen – continual daily improvement.


Quote source: Gary Mack, Mind Gym


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