#341: Power Play – Change for the better

Heart and Ice Power Play - Change for the better

Letting your ego get in the way and being arrogant is like saying you’re as good as you’ll ever be.  When you’re confident you play at your best, but still know and understand that you can still improve.  – Marty Turco

Perfection is unattainable for a reason.  If we were able to reach the peak of perfection, there would be nowhere else to go, nothing left to do.  In My Life in Hockey, Jean Beliveau had shared his insight into what made Bobby Orr so great:

Orr knew better than most that there was no such thing as a perfect hockey player, but he came as close to it as anyone I’d ever seen.

The best hockey players know that they’re not perfect, and they work at learning and improving to get faster, stronger, smarter.  They admit when they have made a mistake and learn from it so that they don’t make it again.  If you think you’re the best, you’re never going to change for the better.  You are never finished.

Game Plan:  Let the idea that you will never reach perfection motivate you, not discourage you.  It means that you still have something to work towards and room to improve.  There is always space to grow.  At the same time, acknowledge yourself for the success that you have achieved and be confident in your abilities.


Quote source: The Power Within by Mike Valley and Justin Goldman

Jean Beliveau: My Life in Hockey


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