#343: Power Play – Endurance needs joy

Heart and Ice Power Play - Endurance needs joy

You have to enjoy the grind, or you’ll burn yourself out before you reach your goal.  And you have to embrace and celebrate each day for the progress you make.  If you don’t feel like you’ve made progress, celebrate your effort.  Success is a marathon, not a sprint.  And endurance needs joy. – Mike Babcock, Leave No Doubt

Some days you’ll feel really proud of yourself because you got a lot accomplished or moved one step closer to your goal in a tangible way.  Other days are a lot slower – maybe you feel like you’ve taken a step back or a new challenge has come your way.  Either way, both are a part of the big picture.  Some days will feel more successful than others, but success is a marathon, not a sprint.  We need those slow days to give ourselves a break just as much as we need those nose-to-the-grindstone days.  Whatever point you’re at, it’s important to be in the moment.

Game Plan:  Celebrate your progress or effort each day.  Endurance needs joy.


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