#344: Power Play – Too busy to live

Heart and Ice Power Play - Too busy to live

I believe that when we look back at our lives, what we will remember most are the moments.  Days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years can blur in our memories.  But moments with family and friends are so important.  Times when we feel joy, gratitude, and pride are irreplaceable.  As busy as we are, we can’t become too busy to live. – Mike Babcock, Leave No Doubt

If you’re over-focused on one thing (maybe it’s work, maybe it’s hockey…), you’re not going to be able to celebrate progress in other areas or enjoy where you are in the present.  Sometimes it feels like we’re rushing around from one thing to the next and you can barely stop to take a rest (especially if you’re a parent), but it’s also important to be in the moment instead of thinking of what you have to do next.

If you focus on one thing, everything else can start to blur.  A singular focus, over time, isn’t really living.  At least the way I see it, you miss too much by focusing on one thing – no matter what the thing is.  Life has a lot to offer.  You want to experience as much as you can. – Mike Babcock

You’ll wear yourself down if you push everything else to the side to focus on one thing or if you are committed to so many things that you forget where your true priorities lie.  The 2010 Canadian men’s hockey team was under a lot of pressure to win a gold medal on home ice in Vancouver.  They practiced in between games and held meetings to focus on game plans, but when not playing or preparing for the next game, they took that time off to spend with their families and enjoy the Olympic experience.  Everyone needs to breathe, rest, and remember what’s really important.  Taking a break didn’t take them off task or give them a disadvantage – it gave them the opportunity to enjoy the experience with those they loved.

Game Plan:  Don’t become too busy to live.  Pursue your goals, but also make sure to schedule time with those you love because those are the moments that you will remember.  Those are the moments that make our lives.


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