#345: Power Play – The glorification of busy

Heart and Ice Power Play - The glorification of busy

I hate being busy.  Even if it’s the weekend and the list of things I’ve made are actually things I want to do.  I don’t want to be rushing around all of the time and feeling like there are all of these things I have to get done and places I have to be.  When I feel more relaxed, I can put my focus on what I’m doing in the moment.  So why is it that when people ask me how I’m doing, my default response is to say:

I’m doing well!  I’ve been busy!

I guess it’s because I feel that even though that’s not what I want, I should be busy.  I should be working a lot and involved in a lot of activities and have a lot of things scheduled on my calendar.  For me, having the time to read, to work on projects for my own enjoyment, to play the piano and cook and decorate my walls, to spend time with my family… that’s more important than making a lot of money or having days so jam-packed that I don’t have time to recharge.

Some people like being busy and sometimes you don’t have much of a choice in how full your calendar is one week or one month, but it’s still important to remember to slow down and enjoy life.  What I’ve learned is that success for me is not busyness, and productivity doesn’t always result in something tangible.  Sometimes the best days are sitting in the park and reading a book or making the time for someone you love.

Game Plan: How do you contribute to the glorification of busy?  Glorify living and enjoying life instead of trying to hurry through it.


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