#347: Power Play – We all have dreams

Heart and Ice Power Play - We all have dreams

Reading through Mike Babcock’s book, I love the way he approaches coaching and is able to apply the traits that helped Canada win gold to everyday life.  At times it can be a little overwhelming, though.  I’m not planning on going to the Olympics or embarking on an award-winning coaching career, and in comparison, my dreams may look a little small.  That’s why I really loved this thought at the end:

All of us have dreams inside of us, inside wanting to get out, a belief in what could be.  Your dreams don’t have to make you famous.  They don’t have to make you rich.  They don’t have to win you awards.  All your dreams have to do is bring out your best.  And that will be good for everybody.

That’s really what dreams should be – things that bring out our best, keep us working towards something and that make us happy.  And when you go after your dreams, it’s good for everybody.

Game Plan:  Believe in the beauty of your dreams.  Don’t compare your dreams to others, and make sure they’re your own.


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